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Google Pixel phone showing a graphic that says Sorry We're Closed Due to COVID-19

The Daily Quarantine

Various Graphics

A daily graphic exercise during the 2020 novel coronavirus stay-at-home order. Early on in the pandemic, I felt there was a lot of misinformation floating around, so my goal was to create an infographic (based on CDC recommendations related to COVID-19) every weekday and post it on my Instagram story. I wanted to spread information to help keep people safe and touch on events and feelings during this time to connect with my audience.

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Roles: Graphic Design, Illustration

Avoid COVID-19 or else!


Wash Hands 1 2 3 4 5


Come in we're open-ish


Save the Post Forever USA


Don't Spread It!


I can't wait to hugh you when this is over


Assorted Graphics from The Daily Quarantine

Encore Galaxy Pavillion

Environmental Graphics

Client: Norwegian Cruise Lines

Designed in collaboration with Devin Meeks.

Environmental floor and door graphics created for the Galaxy Pavillion located on the Encore cruise ship. The client provided a quick video of the space, rough blueprint, and general measurements. They were looking to play up the galaxy theme while integrating our designs with their existing attractions and branding.


All sides of the floor graphics were made intentionally organic (save for the video wall edge) to better hide the edges on the existing floor finish. Additionally, a natural edge should increase the durability as it will be harder to lift an edge cleanly.

Production & Installation

The large floor graphics were produced in 3-foot panels with bleeds and overlapping edges to make transportation and installation easier. Installation instructions were created and sent along with graphics.

Roles: Graphic Design, Prepress

Milky Way galaxy floor graphic installed on the cruiseship
Organic graphic of a black hole in space with 3 smaller planets placed on the edges of the graphic

Black Hole Graphic

Organic graphic of a the Mily Way galaxy

Milky Way Graphic

A circular purple planet graphic

Planet Graphic

Black hole floor graphic installed on the cruiseship

Black Hole Graphic Installed

Another photo of the milky floor graphic from the other side, facing the Jurassic Park jeep

Milky Way Graphic Installed

Purple planet floor graphic installed on the cruiseship

Planet Graphic Installed

Mircosoft surface studio computer showing the SES homepage

Security Enhancement Systems


Client: Security Enhancement Systems

WordPress website for a job site security and technology company. I was solely responsible for the site’s coding and design beyond the initial guidance of the homepage. To launch it, I had to coordinate with the SES development team remotely, as the timing was critical to not cause service interruption with their client’s techs in the field.

Roles: Web Development, Illustration

Full page screenshot of the SES homepage


Full page screenshot of the SES advantage page

Advantage Page

Full page screenshot of the SES products page

Products Page

Brick Bandits EP

Vinyl Record

Client: Mad Decent Records

Vinyl record design and marketing collateral related to the launch of the Brick Bandits EP. I designed everything pertaining to the release except for the Brick Bandits Street Certified logo, which already existed. The direction from Mad Decent and the Brick Bandits was that one side of both the sleeve and label had to contain only that logo.

For the side that I was able to design, I took inspiration from the music itself, which is very sample-heavy, often taking pieces of house and electronic music and turning them into something new and fresh. I decided to reference the classic house music label Strictly Rhythm, and it’s iconic “brick wall” record label design. It seemed fitting, especially for the Brick Bandits. Much like the music, I started with the existing Strictly Rhythm logo and “sampled” pieces until I had a custom type treatment that read “Brick Bandits.”

Roles: Graphic Design, Type Design

Technics 1200 turntable with the Brick Bandits EP on it facing A-side up
Brick Bandits 12 inch record label A-side

Record Label A-Side

Brick Bandits 12 inch record label B-side

Record Label B-Side

Brick Bandits 12 inch record sleeve A-side

Sleeve A-Side

Brick Bandits 12 inch record sleeve B-side

Sleeve B-Side

Brick Bandits Beatdown flyer August 2010

Flyer August 2010

Brick Bandits Beatdown flyer October 2010

Flyer October 2010

Brick Bandits Beatdown flyer September 2010

Flyer September 2010

Screenshot of the EP playing on Spotify (moblie view)

Brick Bandits EP on Spotify

Calculus textbook and laptop showing the product page on Hawkes Learning

Calculus with Early Transcendentals

Textbook & Product Landing Page

Client: Hawkes Learning


Lead Designer of a collegiate-level mathematics textbook, over 1400 pages in length. I oversaw the book’s design, layout, and production, including large scale web press print runs with quantities in the tens of thousands. Additionally, I illustrated all figures and unified the design of all mathematical graphs (which were often created in Mathematica then imported into Adobe Illustrator for editing and improvement).

Website Product Landing Page

Coded and deployed the product landing page for the company website.

Roles: Publication Design, Web Development, Illustration, Mathematical Graphics, Cover Design

Spread from Calculus textbook

Chapter 3 Project - Chapter 4 Opener

Spread from Calculus textbook

Chapter 11 Introduction - Section 11.1

Spread from Calculus textbook

Chapter 13 Review Exercises

Spread from Calculus textbook

Section 6.1

Spread from Calculus textbook

Answer Key Section 12.2

Spread from Calculus textbook


CHD Interiors

Various Products

Client: CHD Interiors

Various print and digital ads for a South Carolina based furniture showroom and interior design firm. They supplied all copy, photos, and specific branding guidelines. I worked closely with CHD for design feedback. I would provide several different options to start, and we would go from there, often having another round or two of changes before designs became finalized.

Roles: Publication Design, Web Development

3D Top side view of the CHD Designers trifold
Graphic from the CHD Newsletter June 2019 showing 8 pictures from the showroom

Graphic from the CHD Newsletter June 2019

Kitchen before and after ad for CHD

Grand Strand Magazine Ad Aug-Sept 2019

Living room before and after ad for CHD

Grand Strand Magazine Ad Oct-Nov 2019

Gift Certificate (Front)

Gift Certificate (Front)

Gift Certificate (Back)

Gift Certificate (Back)

Online Ad Aug 2019 showing the after kitchen

Online Ad Aug 2019


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Hello! I'm TeeJay Zajac, a designer based in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. I have over 14 years of professional design experience making everything from websites to stickers and clothes. I enjoy being challenged and always strive to learn new things and further develop my talents. When not staring at (or through) a monitor agonizing over Design I enjoy DJing, photography, drawing, and running.

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